Major Road In Rowlett To Be Closed

Rowlett Road Closed For A Full Week

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Don't expect to zip through downtown Rowlett next week.

One of the city's major thoroughfares, Rowlett Road will be shut down night and day for a full week - right in the heart of town.

"I think its going to be really, really crazy", says Karen McKensie of Rowlett, "I think its going to back up traffic even more and i mean there's always traffic up until 7 o'clock so there may be traffic up until 9 o'clock".

DART is building a new station just east of Rowlett Road to extend the Blue Line 4.8 miles from Garland. Workers need to shut down the road to lay the tracks.

"We're going to have to close Rowlett road for a short time", says DART spokesman Mark Ball. "We're going to get in as quickly as we can and get out so over a seven day period we're going to do all the work that's necessary"

The barricades go up at Main and Melcer at 8 p.m. Tuesday night June 21 , and will stay up for a full week, until Wednesday morning June 29 at 5 a.m. Large trucks and through traffic will be detoured at Miller and SH 66.

"It's one thing if there's no alternate routes, then you have to keep portions of the roadways open obviously" says Ball, "but there are alternate routes".

The Rowlett Police and Fire Departments are making adjustments so response time doesn't suffer.

"We're going to shift some equipment around and make sure that everyone can stay in their districts as much as possible" says Assistant Chief Don Poovey with Rowlett Fire Rescue

Many drivers plan to stay away from the area altogether.

"I'll try to avoid that area for sure" says Charles Patterson of Rowlett.

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