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Lowe's Donates $250,000 to Help With Texas Disaster Relief

Lowe's gives money to the American Red Cross as recent winter storms in Texas cause massive damage

Lowe's Howell Township New Jersey

Lowe's donated $250,000 to American Red Cross disaster relief to help with damages from Texas' recent winter storms.

"Millions of people - with the majority in Texas - have been left without power, heat and in some cases, water due to winter storms bringing extreme cold, heavy snow and ice to a broad swath of the country," Chief Development Officer at the American Red Cross, Don Herring said.

The donation will help Red Cross provide shelter, food, relief supplies, emotional support, and other assistance to thousands negatively affected by the recent Texas storm and other disasters.

Lowe's is a recognized Mission Leader this year, which is the highest level of corporate recognition at the American Red Cross.

The home improvement company has contributed more than $35 million in the past three decades.

"Thanks to the commitment of partners like Lowe's, the Red Cross is able to work around the clock with partners on the ground to make sure people have a safe and warm place to stay, ready-to-eat meals and comfort," said Herring.

Red Cross is currently providing emergency shelter to 2,700 people across multiple states, reporting the majority of those sheltered in Texas.

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