Lost Service Dog Needs Help Getting Back Home

Dallas Animal Services is asking for the public’s help after an animal control officer found a service dog all by itself behind a Motel 8 on the 3300 block of John Carpenter Freeway.

The dog even had a harness around him that said "service dog," bu he didn't have a microchip or an identification tag.

“Well, we don't know his name,” said Tony Villarreal, with Dallas Animal Services. “But we have a dog that's obviously a service dog.”

The dog, possibly a schnauzer mix, was found wondering alone with his owner nowhere to be found.

“He knows his commands pretty good,” said Villarreal. “I wish I would know more [commands] to give him. I don't know what to give him, but he seems pretty smart.”

Dallas Animal Services hopes the owner is notified that they have the dog in their possession.

“The whole idea is reuniting animals with their owners if they’re lost, especially if they’re service dogs,” said Villarreal. “It’s probably extremely important for that owner to have it back.”

Animal services fear the owner might have been hospitalized. But to claim the dog the owner will need to bring a registration, veterinarian records or photos proving the dog belongs to them.

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