Looking for a New Park? Try West End Square in Downtown Dallas

West End Square Park will be located on Corbin street

Picture of Downtown Dallas
NBC 5 News

The City of Dallas hosted an opening ceremony Friday morning for a new park in the West End Historic District called West End Square.

This is the city's first park built in this urban neighborhood and was made by converting an old parking lot into a brand new park.

West End Square is the second of four parks built as a result of a public-private partnership between Parks for Downtown Dallas and the City of Dallas Park & Recreation Department.

Additionally, Parks for Downtown Dallas and AURORA are presenting a new interactive artwork by Montreal-based artist, Daniel Iregui.

Iregui's digital sculpture, ANTIBODIES, will react to the movement made within the park by visitors through a motion sensor and will be placed within the West End Square's Innovation Arcade.

That section of the park will be designed to showcase a rotation of temporary digital installations.

The artwork, ANTIBODIES, will be showcased from March 26 until April 4 and will be located on the Market Street side of the park.

Bank of America Plaza will also have a special lighting display Friday evening to celebrate the opening of West End Square.

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