Long COVID Takes Mental Toll on Sufferers

Approximately 16 million working-age Americans have Long COVID

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in five people who have had COVID-19 are still experiencing “Long COVID.” That means they have lingering symptoms or changes to their health that last three months or longer.

HHM Health has seen an influx of people dealing with issues and there is a push to focus on the mental challenges surrounding Long COVID.

“We’ve seen adults go through stress not only with their health, their family’s health, their finances, and their living situations,” JJ Larson, the HHM Health Director of Behavioral Health, said. “All kinds of things that can create additional stress, depression with suicidal ideations.”

It’s estimated that around 16 million working-age Americans have Long COVID and up 4 million of them are still out of work due to Long COVID.

“It’s hitting everybody, and it’s hitting everybody at different intensities based on what skills they came into COVID with,” Larson said.

Larson encourages family members and caregivers to listen to people who are dealing with lingering symptoms.

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