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Local Syrian Refugees React to U.S. Airstrikes

Syrian natives Amal Abdulkader and her husband Salim Nassan moved to Irving nine months ago.

The couple has five children and, through a translator, they told NBC 5 that they applaud President's Donald Trump's airstrike in Syria.

Nassan and Abdulkader said until they came to America they lived in fear for their young family under the regime of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, and for the first time in years, they are are hopeful.

"He hopes that peace will be spread over, around the world, and over Syria and everything will settle down there," said Nassan, through a translator. "And President Bashar will get away from being president there and he thinks Trump will not let people as refugees here to be in such bad situations."

Abdulkader said she's less afraid living in Texas.

"She said they ran away from the bad situation in Syria and their children are so happy here and she expects everything good will happen to them here in America," said the translator.

As for the future, they're uncertain.

"They are scared a little bit, what's coming, but not the same level as they are still there, they are safe here," the translator said.

The family said of course they're concerned about family members still living in Syria, but think this is the right move. The family also said they might even eventually return to their home country where all five of their children were born.

The couple said, although they support Trump's airstrike move, they don't support the travel ban he imposed because they have many family members who are unable to visit.

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