Little Elm Drivers “Fed Up” with FM-423 Construction

Little Elm drivers say they are fed up with a stretch of road they consider dangerous.

The road is about a four-mile stretch of Farm-to-Market Road 423 between U.S. Highway 380 and Little Elm Parkway. It's been under construction since October 2014.

The crashes continue to add up.

Several photos of wrecked cars on uneven pavement have been posted on a Facebook page created by concerned Little Elm residents.

Drivers say the uneven pavement is difficult to detect when you're behind the wheel.

"It was like, how in the world could there be no barriers up to keep, to notify people that there was a two-foot drop and that the concrete was not contiguous?" said Page Graham, as his car was being towed away.

Uneven pavement from a recent lane shift is just one perceived problem.

Congestion, a lack of barriers, language and lighting are others.

Little Elm resident Frank Malfettone says driving on FM-423 can be unbearable some days.

But, it's the only way in and out of his neighborhood.

"It always enters into the back of our mind, is today going to be the day that I get a call that somebody says your family went off the edge of the road?" Malfettone said.

Growth in the area is what's driving the widening project from two lanes to six.

"It's long overdue," said Deputy Town Manager Doug Peach.

The Texas Department of Transportation tells NBC 5 its crews are working as fast as they can to get the project done. A spokesperson said the speed limit has been reduced and in the past month, and more signage and striping has been added to help with congestion.

"We've seen a change, or we feel that we've seen a change. We believe that they're heading in the right direction," Peach said.

Drivers agree there have been some improvements.

But with the school year right around the corner, many feel conditions will get worse before they get better.

"We're just looking for it to come to an end," Malfettone said.

The project is 58-percent complete, according to a TxDOT spokesperson.

Construction delays are due, in part, to rework on part of the new road because of "pavement insufficiency."

The project is scheduled for completion in February 2017.

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