Licensed Handgun Holder Intervenes in Southlake Alleged Assault: Police

Southlake police say a licensed concealed handgun holder intervened when he saw a man allegedly assaulting a woman Friday, and the assault suspect now faces charges.

Police were called at about 1:35 p.m. to Farm-to-Market Road 1709 about a block west of Carroll Avenue, where they found two men standing in the middle of the road with one man pointing a gun at the other.

Their preliminary investigation indicated the witness saw a man in another car physically assaulting his female front seat passenger, so when both cars stopped the witness confronted the man in the other car at gunpoint because he believed the female to be in imminent danger of a felony offense, police said.

The man suspected of assaulting his passenger, 28-year-old MacMichael Nwaiwu, was arrested and transported to the Keller jail, police said.

Police said they consulted with the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office to determine if the witness had done anything illegal, and based on the information gathered at the scene the D.A.'s office determined he hadn't.

The case remains under investigation.

A statement from Southlake Police Chief Steve Mylett said, "While we commend this citizen's willingness to get involved in order to protect a victim of crime, the Southlake Police Department does not encourage the public to expose themselves in such a manner. Instead, we strongly recommend citizens who witness a crime in progress to contact the local police department by dialing the police emergency number 911."

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