Liar, Liar, Who Is the Hotel Liar?

A group of Dallas leaders say convention center hotel opponents are lying in their ads.

A new group of Dallas leaders has united for a last-minute campaign to counter claims by opponents of the Dallas Convention Center hotel.

Prominent Dallas civic and business leaders say the Vote Yes campaign for the May 9 referendum is spreading lies in its ads.

"This misleading information is wrong," said former Dallas City Councilman Ed Oakley. "It is hurting our city."

Oakley and other members of new group Enough is Enough support the Dallas plan to build a 1,000-room, city-owned hotel connected to the Dallas Convention Center.

The City Council has already approved the project, but the May 9 referendum forced by voter petitions will now decide its fate.

If the referendum is approved, it would kill the hotel.

Anne Raymond, a leader of the Vote Yes campaign, said its ads are true -- and the other side is lying.

"I'm a hotel investment expert," she said. "The mayor is not being truthful about the risk associated with this investment."

The Vote Yes campaign is chiefly funded by the owner of the Anatole Hotel, which would compete with the convention center hotel. But more than 60,000 people signed the petition that forced the public referendum, Raymond said.

Here's the Vote Yes Web site:

Here's the Enough is Enough Web site:

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