Lewisville Considers Smoking Ban for Bars, Restaurants

City Council expected to vote on smoking ban

Lewisville is considering a smoking ban that would make it more difficult for people to light up in bars and restaurants.

The ordinance would tighten the city's current smoking laws, which allow establishments to decide whether or not to ban smoking.

Russell McGovern, who manages the Old Town Flying Pig Bar and Grill, said his customers enjoy lighting up.

"It's just part of the bar life in general," he said.

Councilman John Gorena, who opposes a ban, said the council is still mulling over the details.

"It shouldn't be up to a handful of individuals to decide the rights of individuals on a legal activity," he said.

Other council members, such as Councilman TJ Gilmore, are vocal supporters of the ban. They argue that employees should not be subject to second-hand smoke and it is not practical for them to find new jobs if they do not want to be around it.

 "I can't stand the smell of smoke," Lewisville resident Cheryl Jones said.  "It gets in your hair, it gets in your clothing, it just stinks."

The City Council is expected to vote on the proposed smoking ban on July 2.

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