Lewisville 911 Operator Helps Deliver Baby

A part-time Lewisville 911 operator helped deliver a baby over the phone last week.

The call came in July 1 from the Motel 6 in Lewisville, where a man told dispatcher Meredith Lutz his "baby mama's" water had broken on the bed, and she was going into labor.

The situation escalated quickly, though, as just moments later the man asked Lutz “the baby’s coming out right now, what do I do?”

"It turns out she was already crowning, and the baby came before the call even ended,” said Lutz.
Utilizing an on-screen manual in the call center and the help of her fellow operators, Lutz coached the man through the process until he said, “the baby’s here.”

"Made sure that they wrap the baby up and clean it off when it was actually born, and then the fire department got there very quickly, so luckily my job was done smooth and fast,” Lutz said.

Lutz actually works part-time for the Lewisville Police Department when she’s not teaching physical education in the Plano ISD. She says this is the first time in her year at the 911 call center that she’s had to deal with something like this, for which she has no prior experience.

"You've got to help them out, you know? He stayed calm and collected and we just worked through it together,” said Lutz.

She credits the parents for working through the situation and said the birth seemed to go pretty smoothly, but was glad she could help bring the baby into the world.

"When so many 911 calls can go wrong, it's nice to be a part of one that can go so right,” Lutz said.

Lewisville police attempted to follow up with the family this week but were unable to get through. It’s unknown whether the couple was from the area or just stopping through temporarily.

However, police say the baby girl was doing great at last check.

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