Let Wayne Buy It: 3-Second Lash Magnetic Eyelashes

You can find Lariza Moreno on YouTube, helping others with makeup and beauty tips so they can look their best.

"Every little girl loves makeup, watching their mom put on makeup. So that's how I learned, kind of," Moreno said. "I wasn't blessed with big long lashes, so I wear lashes almost every single day."

She has heard of new magnetic lashes but hadn't given them a try just yet.

We already tried 3 Second Brow, and were pleasantly surprised how it worked, so when I saw the 3 Second Lash we scooped them up.

"We're putting a lash on top, one of the bottom, and your lash will be in the middle and the magnets will sandwich together," Moreno explained.

She felt the 3 Second Lash took way too long to get on. Since there's no glue when you put that first lash on, there's nothing to hold it in place. So if you blink, it's gone.

The makers recommend using mascara to help, but Moreno didn't think it did much good, not to mention in the corners the lashes didn't follow the shape of the eyelid.

"For someone starting to wear lashes and they're starting to experiment, they're going to pick these up and they're going to be turned off," Moreno said.

The 3 Second Lash did not get Moreno's stamp of approval.

The manufacturer told us there is a learning curve to using 3 Second Lash. Perhaps our tips and tricks page may provide some help with the application.

This reporter tried them out, too, just for giggles. They actually fit a bit better on my eyes, but still were pretty obvious. We got the opinion of some of the people in the office, and you can see that video below.

NBC 5 Consumer Reporter Wayne Carter tries on the 3 Second Lash and modeled them in the newsroom.
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