Legal Battle Between City of Dallas, Building Owners Goes to Court Monday


A battle between some building owners and the city of Dallas will go before a judge Monday.

The owners of an office building on Highway 67 at Hampton Road will ask a judge to reconsider a city eviction notice.

The building is on Dallas Executive Airport property, with a ground lease from the city that was first signed in 1975.

The 60,000 square-foot, five-story building at 5801 Marvin D. Love Freeway has a 95% occupancy rate, including a major bank and a diverse set of other professional service firms.

Oxley Leasing says it owns the building, but it has leased the land it sits on from the city of Dallas for decades.

The city filed an eviction notice, claiming it had no record of a lease extension that the building's owners said they filed in 2015.

Trey Cox, the attorney for building owner Oxley Leasing, said a property manager died and paperwork about the lease extension two years ago can’t be found.

“And so they're trying to take advantage of that, even though we've paid every single dollar in rent since the renewal date,” Cox said. “The City of Dallas is trying to take not only the property back, the lease hold, but also all of the improvements and investment that Oxley leasing has made on the property.”

The court will consider if the company's suit against the city can go forward. 

The company said it has paid for years of improvements while continuing to pay the lease on the land, calling the eviction an unwarranted property grab by the city.

The city has not commented on the suit.

The hearing is set for 8 a.m. Monday in the 134th District Court in Dallas.

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