Learn to Make Apps at Code Bootcamp in Frisco

A high demand for software developers has some adults going to what's called "Code Bootcamp" in Frisco, which is similar to a high-tech trade school for learning how to make smartphone apps.

“So you can think of a Code Bootcamp as like a new alternative form of education,” said Kevin Harris, founder and lead instructor at The Guild of Software Architects

So instead of getting a four year degree to get into the software industry— this takes about three months. According to the Bureau of Labor Statatics, DFW is one of the top areas in the country for developer jobs.

“It is fairly aggressive and not for everyone. But if you have a knack with computers, it’s an excellent way to start a new career as a software developer,” said Harris.

For student Priya Xavier, the mental challenges of Code Bootcamp aren’t anything new.

“I am an engineer, actually. So, I do biomedical engineering and have worked as a research scientist,” said Xavier.

She took a career break for her two children and now she’s trying to get back to work.

“So they said ‘what were you doing for five years?’ So, I didn’t want to go back to college with a huge debt and take time off and keep my kids in daycare. I was looking for an option when I could start working as a developer soon without having to go to college for another degree,” said Xavier.

She said she appreciates the flexibility of coding, and after learning the foundations during this camp, she can practice them from home.

“If you’re looking to start a new career in software development, a Code Bootcamp might be the right choice for you,” said Harris.

The Guild of Software Archictects offers scholarships to women and veteran students.


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