Latest Redevelopment Plan for Old Texas Stadium Site Is Dead

Irving seeks a new developer for city owned land

Irving is once again looking for a development partner to make good use of the old Texas Stadium site after a company considering a project there for more than two years pulled out.

Irving officials confirmed Friday that development company Oliver McMillan withdrew plans in December.

Irving Economic Development Director Scott Connell said other developers are interested in the site.

“We’re actively engaged with several at this time,” he said. “We’ll still see a mixed-use coming forward; employment, possible entertainment, retail, housing.”

Businessman Mark Patel has been anxiously waiting for something new to come to the former stadium site.

He owns what used to be called Days Inn-Texas Stadium along State Highway 183 Airport Freeway on a hill overlooking the site.

He remembers the big business he received on game days, but said the last day like that was in April 2010 when the stadium was demolished.

“That was my last income from the stadium,” Patel said.

Since then he has survived catering to truck drivers who need rest along the road.

He was excited about the renderings he saw last year for the site.

“I was very happy,” Patel said. “And all of a sudden, I guess the plan went down again. But, I’m sure the City of Irving is going to continue to strive.”

Connell said the city recently put a new land use plan in place for 1,000 acres, including privately-owned land around the former stadium site which may also be attractive for new development.

“So, we now have some of those elements that we can actively work with the development community on what they see happening, what they’d like to develop,” Connell said. “No question it is a very unique property, in a very unique area, and certainly in the central part of the Metroplex.”

The University of Dallas recently sold property on Tom Braniff Drive where a new housing development has broken ground.

A lease to use the former stadium site as a road construction staging yard expires at the end of 2018, about the time road work on surrounding freeway is due to be completed.

Connell said Irving hopes to have a new redevelopment project for the stadium land ready to start by then.

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