Police Investigate Large Swastika Painted on Dallas Parking Garage as a Hate Crime

Dallas police are investigating the incident as a hate crime

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Dallas police are investigating a swastika painted on a parking garage as hate crime.

The large swastika could be seen from the top of Reunion Tower on Friday.

Jeremy Stafford took a photo of it. He says there were two of them with the larger one spanning the length of three parking spots.

“I want people to understand that because of what is being said in the media, these people that everybody thinks are jokes are not jokes. These Nazi pieces of junk are not jokes,” Stafford said.

In an email, Dallas police said:

“The incidents of hate crime that occurred over the weekend in the City of Dallas are actively being investigated by the Dallas Police Department’s Criminal Intelligence Unit, the Dallas Fusion Center and their Local, State and Federal partners. The Dallas Police Department will apply its full resources to investigating this and any other type of hate crime against the citizens of Dallas.”

The swastikas have been removed.

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