Lack of Rain Raises Water Concerns in Frisco

The word "drought" is usually heard in North Texas in late summer after months without rain, but Frisco is already thinking about it.

Lake Lavon, one of the major water sources in the area, is down five feet, raising water concerns in the Collin County community.

"We want to make sure that we use water wisely," Mayor Maher Maso said.

Frisco is researching a conservation plan and mandating that households only water outdoors twice a week.

"The state mandates that we must save water, and if we don't, we may not be able to add the reservoirs that we so critically need for future growth," Maso said.

City leaders said restrictions now will save money and ensure water is available when it is needed most -- during the dog days of summer.

Residents said they are not surprised by the new conservation guidelines.

"Two days a week is fine; I think that would work just fine," Frisco resident Cindy Sulsh said.

Sulsh, a homeowner with a green thumb and a green lifestyle, already hand-waters the flowers she spends hours each week on.

"My husband and I are both conscious about water conservation," she said.

But other residents are not as careful. The daily use of outdoor sprinkler systems are a major source of wasted water, the city said.

Frisco has until May 1 to file a plan with the state on its conservation efforts.

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