Kimberly-Clark Recalls Kotex Tampons

None of the tampons were sold in DFW, Kimberly-Clark says

Irving-based Kimberly Clark has recalled about 1,400 cases of Kotex tampons out of fear they may be contaminated with bacteria.

The recall applies specifically to 18-count and 36-count boxes of Kotex Natural Balance Security Unscented Tampons Regular Absorbency with sku numbers 15063 and 15068. All other Natural Balance tampons with other SKU numbers are safe to use, the company said.

The recalled tampons were sold at Walmart, Fry's and Smith's stores in Texas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.

Though Texas is on the list, Kimberly-Clark said none of the tampons were sold in the DFW market.

MSNBC reports the tampons were recalled after company tests detected Enterobacter sakazakii on a single plastic tube.  The bacterium could cause health problems, including vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, pelvic inflammatory disease or other potentially life-threatening infections. 

Women with existing health problems, including cancer, HIV or compromised immune systems, are at a higher risk of infection.

Kimberly-Clark said the recall was effective Nov. 9, the product has been removed from all store shelves and that 98 percent of the products have been recovered.  The products were shipped between Oct. 29 and Nov. 2.

Consumers who have the products should stop using them and contact Kimberly-Clark's consumer office at 1-800-335-6839. While no reports of any illness or adverse reaction to the use of the tampons has been reported, anyone who has been using the tampons and has experienced unusual discharge, headache, rash or fever, should contact their doctor.

NBC 5's Randy McIlwain contributed to this report.

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