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Juvenile Arrested in McKinney Yeezy Burglary Case

McKinney police say a male juvenile has confessed to trying to steal Yeezy sneakers from a McKinney home.

He was arrested Wednesday, police said. Because of the suspect's age, his identity was not released.

It comes six days after a male was seen on surveillance video wearing a mask entering a McKinney home

The homeowner, Maria Luce, happened to be walking out of her bedroom at the same time and came face-to-face with the intruder.

She said Wednesday she is grateful for the police making an arrest so quickly.

Luce, a mother of three, posted a now-viral video online after the incident. In the video, she says she is "locked and loaded," while holding a shotgun.

She said she's received a non-stop stream of threats and hate mail ever since.

"The whole thing is sad," she said.

Luce said she wants people to understand she had no idea whether the intruder had a weapon. She said she posted the video because she was concerned the suspect had a weapon. Two of her sons were upstairs at the time.

"I did what any parent would do. I was protecting my babies. Thirty seconds difference in time and we could have been covering a completely different story here," Luce said.

Police said Wednesday the juvenile admitted he was after several pairs of Yeezy sneakers inside the home. The sneakers retail for $220 but can be resold online for more than $1,000, which is how Luce's 14-year-old son earned money.

Luce said backlash over the video makes her feel like a victim again.

"What is this country coming to that I'm now getting threatened because I was protecting my home?" she said.

The juvenile is charged with burglary of a habitation, a Class 2 felony.

Luce believes he was a friend of a friend.

The investigation is ongoing.

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