‘It's a Miracle' – Anonymous Donor Comes Forward to Save Fort Worth Church

Cherryll Lynn Wallace, Senior Pastor at Church on the Slab in Fort Worth, believes modern miracles do happen, because she's witnessed one these last two weeks.

"It's nothing but a miracle," said Wallace. "Jesus still performs miracles."

Her church caters to the poor and homeless who live near I-30 and Rosedale Drive. For years, the property owners allowed them to operate rent-free.

But, recently they told her they were planning to sell the property and the church would have to move somewhere else.

"They came in on that last service, and they came in with tears," said Wallace. "But we still rejoiced. There's a song we played called 'Even If' that says 'would you praise me even if?' They glorified God even in the midst of problems."

Days after NBC 5 and other local media reported on the church's situation, Wallace got a phone call that left her speechless.

"It was just phenomenal," said Wallace.

A man who has asked to remain anonymous said he wanted to donate $300,000 to the church, so they could purchase the property, keep the doors open, and make improvements to the building.

Wallace said they'll be able to expand their parking lot, install heating and A/C inside the church, and build a baptismal pool.

"This man has a heart for God," said Wallace. "And he's backing it up not just with words, but by action."

She told the congregation the news Sunday. Most in the room clapped. Some even shed tears.

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