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Investigators Testify in Trial of Man Accused of Kidnapping Ex

In a second day of testimony in the kidnapping trial of a Fort Worth man accused of abducting his ex-girlfriend, jurors heard details of the police response the night Typhenie Johnson went missing and the nearly three years of investigation that followed.

Johnson's twin brother and his girlfriend say they last saw Johnson arguing with her ex, Christopher Revill, outside the Post Oak East Apartments on Tristan Lane in East Fort Worth on October 10, 2016.

Thursday, prosecutors showed jurors Johnson's cell phone and a black ankle sock that were left behind on the ground.

The initial officer who responded to the missing person report testified Revill left the complex, but returned later that night and agreed to speak to police.

Officer Rayune Smith testified that Revill allowed officers to look in the trunk of his white Ford Taurus. Smith said there didn't appear to be anything unusual in the trunk.

The prosecutor asked Smith, "Did the defendant ever ask about Typhenie Johnson?"

"No," answered Smith.

"Did he ever show concern about her whereabouts, where she was?" the prosecutor asked.

"I would say yes, with him returning to help search for her," said Smith.

He said Revill did not ask any other questions about Johnson's whereabouts.

Late Thursday, prosecutors played an audio recording of a detective's interview with Revill the night Johnson went missing.

Detective Pat Henz, who is now retired, said he spoke to Revill inside his police car.

Henz testified he told Revill he was a suspect because he was the last person to see Johnson.

Revill complained that people were zeroing in on him needlessly.

On the recording, Revill says Johnson was fine when he saw her last. Revill told Henz, Johnson was dealing with a mechanical problem with her car in the parking lot.

"When I left here, that girl was going to her car. I was going upstairs and I got my stuff. Whatever happened, whatever she was doing with her car, with her brakes or whatever, I have no clue," Revill said on the recording.

Revill also answered Henz' questions about his relationship with Johnson. Revill insisted he and Johnson remained on good terms after she broke off an eight month relationship with him two months earlier.

Revill acknowledged he briefly met Johnson's date, who came to her apartment that evening, and decided to leave.

A third day of testimony continues on Friday. Prosecutors expect to call additional law enforcement witnesses who worked the case.

Revill is standing trial in Johnson's kidnapping. Investigators have said they believed Revill abducted Johnson with the intent to kill her. Johnson has never been found.

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