Integrating Your Smart Phone into Your Car

Smart phone addiction is a real thing. It's hard for many of us to go very long without a smart phone near by. That addiction has led to issues with distracted driving and lately car makers have tried to combat the problem by helping integrate your phone into your car.

Simply plug in your phone and what's on the screen gets mirrored onto the screen on the dashboard.

But you still don't have to look, it's all controlled by your voice and that's just the beginning.

Alphonso Baker works for Toyota of North America based in Plano. His job is to help get you connected to some of the technology in Toyota's cars and trucks, including making texting safer.

"I can tap the messaging icon here," said Baker. The Siri function inside the car then responds "to whom should I send your message?"

"Zachory Imaheizer," Baker Responded.

Siri comes back with "what do you want to say?"

"How was your day today," said Baker.

"Your message to Zachory says how was your day today? Ready to send it," said Siri.

Baker responds "yes."

"I'll send it," said Siri.

"It's just like you never have to take your hand off the wheel, that's really cool," said NBC 5 Reporter Wayne Carter.

"And it's safe," said Baker.

It works the same way when you get a message. Carter sent Baker a text.

"It says I have a message," said Baker.

"Wayne says: just want to let you know we're airing the story on car technology on Friday," said Siri.

The folks at Toyota surprised Carter with not just Siri in the car, but Alexa too.

"So I can order toilet paper from the car," ask Carter.

"If you have your prime account hooked up, you can order toilet paper from your car," said Baker.

If you have a smart home, you can have Alexa turn on the lights for you as you're pulling up in the driveway, or lower the a/c in the house.

It's all there to help you bring your smart tech on the road and have a little more fun behind the wheel.

This carplay technology is available on many late model cars everything from GM and Ford to Honda & Volvo. Alexa has a smaller list of cars out there, but Ford, Volkswagon, Toyota, and BMW are some of the big ones that do have the option.

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