Organizers Hope for 100,000 at Immigration March

Four years after a massive immigration march in North Texas, people are gearing up for what they hope will be another huge event.

Organizers of the Mega March 2010 hope to attract 100,000 to Dallas. Between 350,000 and 500,000 people participated in the 2006 march.

The march comes on the heels of a controversial new law in Arizona aimed at tracking down illegal immigrants.

Immigration attorney Jaime Barron said it often takes decades for some immigrants to get legal residency.

"The system does not allow you and does not encourage you  to try the legal path because it's virtually impossible," Barron said.

Legal residency is a different process from becoming a citizen. Hussein Sadruddin said it took his parents eight to 10 years to get citizenship after leaving Pakistan.

"It's a lengthy process, but we are one of the lucky ones because we are from a country that does not have a cap that's high," he said.

While general immigration reform is the main topic of Saturday's Dallas march, Sadruddin said he'll be in attendance mainly because of the new law in Arizona.

"Well, you know the law that we are talking about doesn't impact undocumented immigrants, it impacts anyone who looks like an immigrant, and I fit the bill," he said.

Linda Mendoza, a native Texan, said she agrees U.S. borders need to be protected but she said some of the immigrants wanting to create a new life deserve to be protected too.

"I mean, we've got a lot of people who need this," she said.

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