People Find Middle Ground During Obama, Trump Meeting

NBC 5 has a crew in Washington, DC, covering the meeting between the President and the President-elect.

During the 90 minute meeting, a large crowd gathered outside the White House.

"We are going to be respectful of what is going on here and hope that Trump is going to work for all of us,” said Melanie Schowalter of New Jersey.

Roland Brack lives in Washington, D.C. He, too, wanted to be outside the White House, after an election results he never thought would happen.

“I am shocked at how divided this country is. I grew up in the 60s [and] worked for the federal government. We all knew each other, went to each other houses. I never thought this would go backwards,” said Brack.

During the meeting, there were several protests, but they were quick.

A civil conversation between a Trump supporter and someone upset about the election was much longer.

Matthew Hurtt came from Arlington, Virginia, in a signature "Make America Great Again" hat. He spent the morning talking, trying to work through differences.

“It has been really great. I talked to a couple of folks who clearly didn’t agree with me. We had a great conversation and that is what I am looking for ,” said Matthew Hurtt of Virginia.

During a time when many have not seen a lot of respect, there was plenty of it outside the White House.

A group from Florida came with life-size wooden crosses to sign. They say prayer is the answer.

“We want that. We just want the peace for this nation, and it starts at the White House. It starts with our government,” said Rosie Gonzalez of Florida.

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