Hundreds Wait Hours for Fletcher's Corny Dog Fix

Hundreds of people lined up in Carrollton for a taste of the Texas tradition

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The State Fair of Texas may be canceled, but you can still satisfy your corn dog craving.

Friday, hundreds of people showed up in Carrollton to get their Fletcher’s Corny Dog fix.

Most waited in line for more than two-hours.

“No fair, gotta do it when you can do it,” said Julie Kay of Flower Mound.

“When I walked past the truck I said ‘thank you thank you thank you for being here’,” said Pamela Garges of North Dallas.

Amber Fletcher, the heiress to the corn dog company, said she was worried about paying bills when the State Fair was canceled. She announced pop-up events to bring the Texas staple to the public.

“It started getting on news sites and Facebook and when I drove up today there were already hundreds of people waiting in line,” Fletcher said.

“We want to ensure social distancing so don’t feel like you have to come to this event there’s going to be plenty more,” Fletcher added.

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