Hundreds of Fish Die In Fort Worth

Oil-like slick found floating on top

Frustrated homeowners in Fort Worth’s Meadowbrook hills are wondering what’s killing hundreds of fish in their backyard pond.

Neighbors started to notice the dead fish after Tuesday’s storms.

The pond known as Lake Hollow was once a relaxing escape for Michael Anderson and other homeowners who live in Meadowbrook Hills.

“And we just sit down in the evenings on the landing and just revel in the beauty,” said Anderson.

An unknown problem is bringing the anxiety of a wasteland.

“Obviously this lake is going to turn into a health hazard the way things are going,’ said Anderson.

Hundreds of dead fish including perch and catfish floated to the top of the pond.

Neighbors immediately called the city for help.

Workers ruled out a sewage leak and are investigating what else could have caused this including testing water samples.

City workers worked Friday and Saturday to clear the dead fish.

Neighbors think the problem might be coming from the creek the city created decades ago for runoff.

After seeing an oil-like slick, neighbors are curious if someone else independently illegally dumped material.

“We’re two miles out of downtown there’s not that many areas like this in the inner city and you always like to protect it,” said neighbor Stephen Barr.

The worry has ruined Anderson’s Easter plans. 25 children were scheduled to fish and paddle boat at the lake. Now those plans are canceled out of safety concerns.

“And we can’t let them out here,” said Anderson

For now neighbors are left wondering how to reclaim what they enjoyed so much.

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