How to Find the Cheapest Spring Break Flights on Short Notice

Let's face it. The airlines and hotels know it's spring break week and the prices go up because of it. But that doesn't mean you're out of luck.

There's still time to book flights and do it at a significant cost savings.

The skies above North Texas are extra crowded these days. Two North Texas-based airlines, Southwest and American, both offer nonstop flights.

Mix in the other airlines and you start to get overlap.

For example, American, Southwest, Delta, United, Alaska, Virgin Atlantic and Spirit, yes there are a lot, all have flights from Dallas nonstop to Los Angeles everyday.

There are so many planes flying that one route, there are often empty seats and you can get super low fares.

We found round-trip flights for $100 on the low cost carriers and $150 on the big guys.

And it's not just to Los Angeles.

There are many routes similar to that one. The airlines don't like to comment on them, so we did some digging and helped you uncover just a few.

Cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Phoenix and more have multiple airlines offering multiple flights every day. When those planes aren't full, those fares get low.

So how do you know? Google is a great place to start.

Type in "how many airlines fly nonstop from Dallas to...." and type in your city. You'll see how much competition is out there and cities you may want to explore just because you can.

So, the $100 trip to LA? You'll have a harder time getting that one this weekend, but you can still find some pretty low fares out there.

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