Houston Police Dive Team Rescues Dozens at Apartment Complex

On Monday, the Houston Police Department Dive Team worked for several hours to rescue dozens of people stranded at an apartment complex in the Cloverleaf area.

When crews arrived at the Woodforest Chase Apartments, everyone still there was lined up waiting to be rescued.

"Absolutely scary. Paranoid because you have kids and you worry about them. You don't know what's going to happen," said Michelle Gray as she waited to load into a rescue boat.

As the boat took off, many of the people got their first look at the flood waters surrounding their city.

"This is Woodforest that we're on. That elementary school is gone," said one man as the rescue boat sped down what used to be Woodforest Boulevard.

Even the seasoned pros on the dive team could not believe the amount of water all over the city.

"All the flooding I've seen in all the years, this is the craziest thing I've ever seen," said Lt. J.C. Wood of the Houston Police Department Dive Team.

Once the boats reached higher ground, those rescued were then loaded into a moving truck to be taken to a nearby shelter.

NBC 5 Reporter Alice Barr ask one man "Feel good to be getting out of here?" He responded "Yeah, yeah. But into what, though, I don't know."

Houston officials are having a hard time estimating how many people may have died in this storm. But police dive team members told NBC5 they have seen bodies in the water.

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