Horse With Prosthetic Leg Inspires Others

Midnite encourages children and adults with disabilities

Midnite, the miniature horse with the prosthetic leg, is making a big impact on the lives of children and adults with disabilities. Ranch Hand Rescue in Argyle calls him the Horse of Hope.

"He gives inspiration and joy to everyone that meets him," Ranch Hand Rescue owner Bob Williams said. "He is proof that anything is possible."

Midnite overcame abuse and neglect. Williams said the horse arrived at Ranch Hand Rescue with no hoof. He received a prosthetic leg and is doing great.

"I think his mission in life is to help others,"  Williams said.

That's exactly what he's doing.

"He overcomes stuff like me, and so he can inspire more people," Emmy Raney said.

Raney's leg was amputated earlier this year. Her mother, Donna, claims Midnite gave her 9-year-old daughter courage to go through with the amputation.

"We came out and saw this little beautiful horse with a prosthetic leg." Donna Raney said."The horse would run around the corral, and it was just a real joy to see the horse and what he could do."

Ranch Hand Rescue wants to travel with Midnite so he can help more children and adults. However, he needs a new custom trailer so he can travel safely.

"He needs a trailer with a ramp and lift to get in and out. He needs special suspension," Williams said.

Williams is currently raising money for the trailer. For now, Midnite and children like Emmy hope their stories will inspire others. 

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