Diana Zoga

Hit-and-Run Crash Leaves Trail of Destruction in Irving

Police are looking for the driver of a pickup truck that slammed into a house in Irving Sunday night. The man left the vehicle behind and took off on foot after he struck the house, another vehicle, trees and fences.

"I still don't believe it, that it happened," said Karla Cartagena as she surveyed the damage at her family's home.

The pickup drove straight through a brick exterior wall and into Cartagena's sister's bedroom. Fortunately, her sister wasn't home when the crash happened.

A neighbor's surveillance cameras captured the force of the impact as the pickup roared down North Rogers Road and into the house at the corner of Meadowbrook Lane.

"It was horrific, just horrific. I'm surprised nobody was killed, really and truly," said Lynnette Nadeau, who lives down the street.

Nadeau said her friend, Amber Pope, had just parked in front of Nadeau's house for a visit. She was in the driver's seat when the pickup slammed into her Jeep before it continued down the street into Cartagena's house.

"She was just about to get out of her car to come in the house, which was the really scary part," Nadeau said.

She said her friend is sore, but OK. The vehicle is destroyed.

Nadeau told NBC 5 she's lived in her home for five years and has complained about wreckless and speeding drivers to the city. She said the city has told her speed humps aren't an option because they would slow emergency vehicles.

Nadeau said she hoped the latest round of close calls prompt the city to consider adding a stop sign or another permanent solution to deter speeding.

"If they had at least one stop coming up, maybe that would be just enough to make them slow down," she said. "There needs to be something else done."

Irving police said the driver of the white Chevrolet Silverado pickup fled the scene. The owner of the truck told police the driver borrowed the vehicle. Police have not yet located the driver.

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