Fort Worth

Heavy Rain Floods Parts of Fort Worth

Neighbors say they are fed up with flooding re-occurring on the roads

Another round of heavy rain caused major problems in parts of Fort Worth on Monday.

Raging water at NW 20th Street near North Side Park flooded the roadway as a slow-moving thunderstorm rolled through town. Neighbors there say it’s a re-occurring problem after heavy rainfall.

“Basically whenever it rains really hard we come outside and wait for the show,” said Giovanna Gutierrez. “Because cars always think they can pass through there and they can’t.”

Gutierrez has lived in the area for more than 20 years. She said the water can get up to five feet high.

“It’s frustrating because we are the only people they can really come to,” said Gutierrez. “My house is literally at the bottom of this hill.”

In southwest Fort Worth, Treehaven Road became a stream of moving water after Monday’s storm.

Merrily Potter worries the water will flood her home every time it rains.

“I wake up during the night and I freak out,” said Potter. “I hear it and it’s like, 'Oh my gosh. Do I have water coming in the house?'"

Her back yard turns into a pond after every heavy downpour, where she says the water gets several inches high.

“Every single rain fall,” said Potter. “It happens every time.”

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