Fourth of July

Health Experts Encourage Home Fireworks Precautions

Fireworks are illegal inside most city limits, but health officials are concerned about Fourth of July safety

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North Texas health officials are sending a warning about Fourth of July safety concerns.

With so many COVID-19-related Independence Day cancellations many families will hold their own celebrations at home.

“We’re kind of worrying that parents or people may take it among themselves to do their own fireworks in the backyard or out somewhere in the country and that’s extremely dangerous,” Cook Children’s Health Care trauma injury prevention specialist Sharon Evans said.

Traditionally, children account for around a third of fireworks injuries.

“Most of those kids are 10 to 15 and it is twice as likely that it is going to be a boy,” Evans said. “Burns on the hands and usually it is the dominant hand which can be even worse. Burns to the hands, face, arms and legs. We also see injuries to the eyes from the different explosions.”

North Texas cities will have a number of virtual fireworks shows and health experts encourage families to use those as entertainment.

“Any other day of the year and your child asked if they could be explode something you’d probably say no,” Evans said.

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