Happy Hour Dentistry

Service with a smile

For some people, there's no place scarier than a dentist's chair. But a local doctor is trying to change the dreaded dental stereotype one beer at a time.

His hip new take on dentistry is the boozy brainchild of doctor Clint Herzog.

"I really got tired of people not liking to go to the dentist saying, 'Hey I don't like to go to the dentist no offense...' Well it's kind of an offense because it's what we do all day," said Herzog.

So he created floss dental. Client Robin Cappel just visited the Floss location in Fort Worth for the first time.

"Well I got a mailer at my home and it said come in for a cleaning, free wine and free whitening," said Cappel.

Right when a patient walks in, they’re offered a beer or wine to take the edge off. Then, as they get their teeth cleaned, they’re able to watch their favorite TV Program. Finally, first time guests are offered a teeth whitening, free of charge.

"We give free whitening to all of our patients because that's like the adult lollipop," Herzog said.

Cappel said this might have been her first brush with this office, but it won't be her last.

"I thought it was fantastic especially the whitening part because I pay for that so if I could get it for free why wouldn't I?" She asked.

Floss now has several locations across North Texas, and has opened some in Houston and Austin.

More: FlossDental.com

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