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H-E-B Stores to Limit Customer Egg Purchases

A few days after Whataburger cut back on breakfast hours due to an egg shortage caused by bird flu, H-E-B grocery stores announced that they will limit the amount of eggs customers can buy.

Officials said customers at their H-E-B and Central Market grocery stores can only purchase three cartons of eggs per trip.

The limit affects 14 stores in North Texas.

H-E-B grocery store officials say they will limit the number of eggs their customers can buy due to a shortage caused by a bird flu outbreak. NBC 5’s Ellen Bryan reports with the details.

"The avian flu this year has impacted a significant portion of the egg laying population in the United States (over 30 million birds)," company officials said in a statement. "This temporary constriction in the US market has caused an increase in price and shortage in availability of eggs."

The stores also posted signs informing customers that their eggs should not be used for commercial sale.

NBC 5's Ellen Bryan contributed to this report.

Online Extra: NBC 5's Ellen Bryan, whose report is above, shared the following video on Facebook showing some of the bloopers from Friday morning's liveshots. Watch for a special appearance from NBC 5 Photojournalist Kevin Stewart.

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We're calling this one "The Friday Goofs." Enjoy and #TGIF!

Posted by Ellen Bryan - Anchor/Reporter on Friday, June 5, 2015
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