Globe Life Park Unveils New Postseason Menu

When a team heads into Postseason play, you'll often hear them say it's a whole new season. The culinary team at Globe Life Park says the same goes for concessions.

"With the specialness of the postseason, the food has to be special too," said Casey Rapp, general manager of Delaware North Sportservice, which operates all concessions in the ballpark. "So we want to step our game up just like the team does."

Having introduced a lot of salty and savory items during the last two seasons, Rapp said they wanted to come up with some sweet treats for fans. They're also putting some new spins on ballpark classics.

These are the five new items that will make their debut during Sunday's ALDS Game 3.

The Elvis Jabberdog Brownie – $26. This two-foot long brownie is rolled in a Rice Krispy crust and dipped in funnel cake batter. It is then fried golden brown and topped with whipped cream (available near Section 29).

The Elvis Jabberdog Brownie Jr – $13. Much like its big brother, this is a delicious treat, at half the size (available near Section 41).

The Sweet Spot Cotton Candy Dog – $10. An all-beef hot dog with cotton-candy infused mustard. It is then topped with just enough cotton candy to make it both sweet and salty. (available near Sections 22 and 48)

The One-Pound Top-N-Go Cheetos – $26. A one-pound bag of Cheetos opened on its side and loaded with your choice of chili, taco meat, shredded chicken or brisket then topped with nacho cheese. And for a little extra kick, top with jalapeno peppers. Choice of toppings vary by location. (available near Sections 19, 29, 41, 235)

The Inside-Out Hog Dog – $26. This one-pound hot dog is far from ordinary. It is eight inches long, two-and-three-quarters inches around and is meant to be enjoyed by the way of fork and knife. The inside is loaded with your choice of mac n cheese or mashed potatoes, and is then topped with brisket, chili or shredded chicken. Served with a pretzel roll. (available near Sections 22, 29, 48)

Rapp said they hope they'll get to serve all of these items well beyond Sunday.

"We hope to go very far in the postseason," said Rapp. "And I'm sure we'll come up with a few more items if we make it further in the playoffs."

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