Dallas County

Glenn Heights Officer Uses Car to Push Engulfed Truck

The first-year officer's dash camera was rolling as he jumped the curb to keep the Jack in the Box safe

The actions of a quick-thinking Texas police officer likely kept a Dallas County restaurant from going up in flames.

Glenn Heights Police Officer Chris Womack says he was just in the right place at the right time as the first-year officer was forced to tackle a situation most officers don't see in their entire careers.

A pickup truck erupted in flames Saturday night while in the drive-thru lane at the Jack in the Box restaurant off Interstate 35E and Bear Creek Road.

Womack, who was coming back on duty after having dinner with his wife, happened to be nearby and answered the call.

"When I got there, the flames were reaching the roof," Womack said.

The people who had been in the truck were already safely outside.

"It was a truck he had just bought that day," Womack said.

The officer's dash camera was rolling as he jumped the curb into the drive-thru lane, positioned his patrol cruiser behind the truck and used his bumper to push the truck away from the restaurant, just as the flames crept closer to the building.

"This is not anything I've ever experienced before," Womack said.

Despite the truck being engulfed in flames, there is absolutely no damage to the building – just a charred curb.

It's still unclear why the older model pickup truck caught fire.

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