Get Connected: A Closer Look at Stories for Wednesday, May 30

It's Wednesday, May 30! You're half way through the week. Let's GET CONNECTED.

1. How to Rescan Your TV to Get NBC 5 With an Antenna

If you watch NBC 5 using an antenna, you need to re-scan your TV or you'll lose our signal.

We're now on a new frequency. But don't worry - we're still Channel 5!

Learn more here.

2. Audience Joins Student in Singing the National Anthem After Mic Cuts Out

You need to see this show of patriotism in Alabama.

A student kicked off a graduation event national anthem kicked off graduation event, but half way through the sound, her microphone went out.

But, you'd hardly know it, because the audience immediately joined in to sing! Watch the video above or click here.

3. Drugmaker Pans Roseanne's Ambien Defense, Trump Weighs In

Comedienne Roseanne Barr is blaming Ambien for the racist tweet that got her show canceled.

She apologized, saying she went too far. And she said it can't be defended.

But throughout the night, she retweeted people who were defending her.

Do you think her show should have been canceled?

Weigh in here.

4. This Unclaimed $1M Lottery Ticket Expires Today

Time is running out for one lucky Texan who has a winning lotto ticket.

A Mega Millions ticket sold last December expires Wednesday.

It was bought at a Valero station in Austin.

So, be sure to check your pockets. You might be holding onto a million bucks! 

Read more here.

5. Mesquite Officer Accepts Boxing Challenge

GET CONNECTED with some Wednesday wisdom from a Mesquite police officer.

What started as a noise complaint call turned into an Officer Winston Bowen finding some teens boxing.

He says they were just having some good old fun.

And then, they challenged him.

"Well they said 'you want some of this? You can't handle this,'" Bowen laughingly recalled.

The two hugged it out after their match. Then Bowen went to the store, bought some snacks and brought them back for everyone to enjoy together.

Now, you're CONNECTED.

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