Get Connected: A Closer Look at Stories for Wednesday, May 23

It's Wednesday, May 23, 2018 and it's time to GET CONNECTED!

1. Lupe Valdez Wins Democratic Nomination for TX Governor

We begin with one for the history books.

Lupe Valdez is now the first openly gay woman and first Latina to be nominated for governor.

Right now, ex-sheriff Valdez faces some long odds against Governor Greg Abbott.

Abbott has high approval ratings, and according to the Texas Tribune, a $41 million war chest.

2. Legend of Loch Ness Monster Will Be Tested With DNA Samples

The Loch Ness monster may be losing her hiding place.

An international team of scientists want to test the DNA in the waters of Loch Ness.

That could tell them what species live there.

They're not exactly confident Nessie is really there.

But they do get bonus points for doing something pretty cool.

3. School for four days a week? It's a reality up in Oklahoma.

And it's so popular, the trend is spreading.

Those schools say they're recruiting more teachers.

Because who doesn't want a three day weekend?

The Fort Worth and Dallas ISDs say that's a big nope...for now.

3. Super Kids of North Texas: Paris

We all know it's better to give than to receive.

This is Paris and she just turned 14-years-old.

But instead of gifts, she hosted a donation party!

People all over Facebook jumped onboard to donate.

Thanks to Paris, Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth has some gifts on the way.

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