Get Connected: A Closer Look at Stories for Thursday, May 31

It's Thursday, May 31 - let's GET CONNECTED!

1. Lava Flows Hotter, Faster in Latest Hawaii Eruption

As if Hawaii didn't have enough problems, a firenado - yes, a firenado - formed there.

It was formed by the heat shooting from the Kilauea volcano.

Lava is still flowing towards new homes and roads, forcing new evacuations.

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2. Beautiful, Clear Water on the Beaches of Galveston

It may look like a beach on a tropical island, but it's not.

It's Galveston and it's definitely not the norm.

The city says it's due to the currents changing from east to west.

But don't get FOMO (fear of missing out).

Unfortunately, the currents are already back to normal.

3. Back the Blue With BBQ Fundraiser in Dallas

Dallas police are rallying behind their own, in the most Texas way possible.

DPD is hosting a barbecue fundraiser for two officers and a security guard who were recently hurt on the job.

So pick up some smoky goodness, while backing the blue.

That's Friday from 11 a.m. to sunset at the Northeast Patrol Station.

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4. Story Behind the Boy in the Viral Hand-Shaking Video

You remember we connected you to this kindergarten class last week.

Since then, it's gone viral.

The Keene ISD teacher tells us there's a lot more to the story of this boy.

He began the school year after being diagnosed with neurofibromitosis.

But his veteran teacher kept him connected with school and his classmates.

And now, he's a kindergarten graduate heading to the first grade.

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Now, you're CONNECTED.

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