Garland Police Arrest Suspected Rapist

Police have arrested a man in connection to a rape in Garland.

Officers believe Calvin Anthony Lester, 29, threatened the woman's life, raped her, then took her money and her debit card.

The attack happened about a month ago in the area of Northwest Highway and Saturn Road.

Police released surveillance video from the Wells Fargo ATM in the 4700 block of Saturn Road of Lester facing directly in front of the camera while he tries to get money out of the victim's account.

The video was captured the night the victim was raped.

"This is a stranger on stranger. They were out walking. He was not breaking into a house or attacking somebody in a car, but yet, somebody that's walking starts talking to them took it as someone being friendly and ended up turning into being a threatening rape," said Joe Harn with the Garland Police Department.

Lester was arrested Tuesday afternoon.

He is in the Garland Jail with a bond set at $25,000.

NBC 5's Johnny Archer contributed to this report.

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