Frontier Says It's Making Progress in Verizon Transition

The switch from Verizon to Frontier has not been easy, and about one million Texas customers are affected.

The transition took place on April 1, and customers say it was like a bad April Fool's Day joke.

If you had Verizon phone, internet, or cable service, you now have Frontier. It's been three weeks, and the calls keep pouring into the NBC 5 Responds line. Our team has gotten 68 calls and emails about this issue alone.

One viewer, Amy, wrote, "Today we had a small power outage. When the power came on, we didn't have internet or TV."

So NBC 5 Responds called Frontier, and a technician was out the next day.

Amy then wrote, "I wanted to tell you, Kelly showed up at 10ish. Within 15 to 20 minutes she had everything up and running."

On Thursday, Frontier sent a statement, saying it is working around the clock to fix the problems.

"Our team of over 400 dedicated field technicians in Texas have successfully resolved the majority of conversion-related service disruptions and the level of reported issues is now trending at only slightly above normal levels. We continue to resolve specific conversion-related issues impacting less than 0.4 percent of our customers in Texas."

If you're having trouble with Frontier, call them at 800-921-8101 or you can try online at Frontier.com. You can also tweet them @askfrontier.

If reaching out to the company doesn't help, you can file a complaint with the FCC. You can always contact our NBC 5 Responds team at 844-5RESPND or 844-573-7763.

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