From Military Uniforms to Pink

Soldiers work as Mary Kay independent salespeople

Mary Kay's annual convention is in its third and final week at the Dallas Convention Center.

Darlene Beckett, who recently retired from the U.S. Army, is one of the thousands of independent salespeople in attendance.

"Coming out of Iraq, and this really is an outlet for you to focus and be you," she said.

Beckett enlisted in the Army when she was 23 years old. She has served on the home front, spent Christmases overseas during the Iraq War was stationed at Fort Hood.

"There was no girlie side when I was in the Army," she said.

With two daughters at home, she is with the cosmetic line full-time.

Erica Wilson-Traxler, another military servicewoman, joined Mary Kay because of Beckett.

"I've learned to teach, coach and mentor soldiers," Wilson-Traxler said. "Now I get to teach, coach and mentor other women on beauty products."

Mary Kay said it emphasizes the importance of giving back.

"Mary Kay helps by providing a structured approach to a woman and her starting up her own business," said Sheryl Adkins-Green, chief marketing officer said.

"Eventually, when I leave the military family, I have a Mary Kay family that's going to pick me up and help support me through the rest of my journey," Wilson-Traxler said.

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