Frisco Tables Discussion on Outdoor Water Restrictions

Frisco City Council has tabled a decision on adopting the North Texas Municipal Water District's outdoor restrictions until Saturday's work session.

The North Texas water district has facts on its side to support more stringent outdoor watering restrictions with less spring rain, low lake levels and  zebra mussel infestations plaguing water resources. 

Representatives of the water district have been touring member cities with the possibility of further restricting outdoor watering to once every two weeks with a goal of 20 percent conservation.

However, in Frisco, a water education campaign has already produced the desired results, so implementing these restrictions may not be necessary.

"The district asked us to save 10 percent,” said Deputy City Manager of Frisco, Henry Hill, “Frisco actually has been saving on the level of 20 percent so we’ve actually been exceeding the goal by about 100 percent.”

Frisco’s explosive population growth demanded a comprehensive water education plan and years ago it was implemented.

Homeowners like Leslie Smith get annual irrigation audits, free of charge from Frisco. The sprinkler system is checked for leaks, coverage and the timer is even set so homeowner’s are never in violation of restriction guidelines.

"It’s pretty clear and I can’t deny that Frisco is looking good,” said Smith, who wonders if his city will change and follow North Texas Municipal Water District restrictions to the letter or continue with what’s been working to achieve the conservation goals all along. "They’re trying to leave it beautiful but they’re trying to conserve water.” said Smith.

Frisco even built weather stations that feed information on the necessity to water to the city’s website and residents follow those recommendations via app. City parks also have ponds or wells that are used as the irrigation system keeps fields green and playable.

Currently, Frisco residents are allowed to water outdoors or as needed manually, once a week, typically on the day of trash pickup. New recommendations call for outdoor watering once every two weeks and 20 percent conservation,

Leaders with the water district will visit Plano tomorrow to gain that city’s public support for new conservation guidelines.

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