Frisco School Bus Catches Fire, No Injuries Reported

Officials said they are investigating the cause of a fire on a Frisco school bus Tuesday morning.

Frisco firefighters said two adults and two students were on the Frisco Independent School District bus heading toward a middle school when the driver suspected a problem.

"The driver noticed smoke coming from the bus radio," Frisco Fire Battalion Chief Shannon Brinton said. "The driver pulled over, evacuated the bus and called 911."

The driver, Jeremiah Grider, told NBC 5 that the smoke started as a puff and then came more quickly. He said he pulled over immediately and, within 30 seconds he estimated, was able to start evacuating the bus.

“I thought, I just have to get these kids to safety,” Grider said.

Bus monitor Shylinda Meeks ushered two special-needs students onboard to safety though the rear exit.

“I told the boys we were going to jump out of the back door, out of the bus,” Meeks said. “Our children, they’re like family. We see them every day and we want to keep them safe.”

Frisco firefighters responded and extinguished the fire near the intersection of Coit Road and Eldorado Parkway at about 8:20 a.m.

No one was injured in the fire.

Officials said another bus picked up the students and took them to their school.

The Blue Bird bus is new to the district and had only been in service a matter of days.

District officials said they are looking into whether on-bus camera footage is available.

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