Frisco Church Holds Drive-In Easter Service for Members

The service was a way for the congregation to come together and safely worship from inside their cars

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At KingdomLife Church in Frisco, cars packed into the parking lot Sunday and tuned in to FM radio to hear their Easter service.

Vehicles parked in every other spot, as Pastor Brandon Burden preached under a white tent and across airwaves.

“I just feel like people have been isolated so long that people need to see each other, even if it’s in their cars and they’re just waving. People just need to be with one another on Easter Sunday,” Burden said.

Car horns echoed appreciation from church members behind the wheel.

It was a symphony of celebration - bursting with song, worship and praise.

“I just think it’s going to give people a sense of hope and encouragement. And it’s going to strengthen their faith,” Burden said.

Earlier this month, there was a conflict between the Gov. Greg Abbot's coronavirus emergency order and orders from some cities in North Texas over religious services.

Burden asked the city to comply with the governor’s new statewide restrictions, and to modify its emergency order.

“Once we got the go ahead that was going to be able to happen, it was like rejoicing in our family,” Burden said.

He said he hoped the drive-in service would remind his congregation, during this pandemic, they are not alone.

“There’s a family of people who love them who are supporting them through it,” Burden said.

KingdomLife Church also set up a phone number where church members texted the word “pray,” and a member of the prayer team called them and prayed for them over the phone.

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