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Fort Worth Firefighter's Cancer Not Caused by Job, City Says

FWFD Capt. Keven Teague died of pancreatic cancer on May 24

A firefighter who died of pancreatic cancer did not get the disease because of risks related to his job, the city of Fort Worth said Friday in response to a worker's compensation claim.

Fort Worth Fire Department Capt. Keven Teague died May 24 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. The Fort Worth Firefighters Association said the cancer was a result of fighting fires and being exposed to heat, smoke, radiation and other suspected carcinogens.

The city, however, said pancreatic cancer is not on the list of the types of cancers that "have a higher prevalence among firefighters and that are eligible for workers' compensation benefits."

"I'm very confident that Captain Keven Teague's death will be considered in the line of duty," Michael Glynn, president of the Fort Worth Firefighters Association, said.

A medical expert who reviewed the worker's compensation claim for Fort Worth's third-party claims administrator determined that Teague did not have a disease or illness that would caused by risks associated with his job, the city said.

The Texas Legislature passed a bill that would clarify what types of cancers are compensable for first responders. If Gov. Greg Abbott signs the bill, it would go into effect Sept. 1. Pancreatic cancer is not on the list of diseases.

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