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Fort Worth City Council to Vote on $3M Investment Into Rosemont Neighborhood

Community members say the area is filled with aging homes, cracked curbs and broken sidewalks

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The Fort Worth City Council will vote Tuesday on a plan to invest $3 million into the Rosemont neighborhood.

Looking around Rosemont, south of W. Berry Street and west of Interstate 35W, there’s a lot that catches Fernando Peralta Berrios’ eyes.

“Many street lights are either out or super old. That leads to crime," said Berrios, who is president of the Las Familias De Rosemont neighborhood association.

He said he sees potential in the community he and his wife call home.

“Hopefully this year’s the year we start a family. When it comes to my community, I want to take care of my community because this is where my family is,” Berrios said.

He is president of the predominantly Hispanic neighborhood, which has two city parks and borders two schools .

Berrios said he hoped the city council would vote to invest $3 million for renovations that include improving safety issues.

“I go to work early in the morning, and I see a lot of my abuelitas, my older neighbors, walking around with sticks because there are a lot of dogs out, and they want to feel safe, but also because they’re walking on the street and there are not enough sidewalks,” Berrios said.

At city hall, Fort Worth City Council member Ann Zadeh, whose district includes Rosemont, said she hoped fellow council members vote yes on the investment.

“They’ve supported it in every case we’ve ever had so far. I think basing these decisions on data brings a lot of credibility to it," Zadeh said. "They narrow the focus to specific areas that those dollars will go into, to make sure that those areas have a return on that investment.”

Berrios said he thought the investment would be a good first step for the area.

“That money is not going to solve all our problems," he said. "But it’s the beginning of the process that’s going to get issues in our neighborhood solved.”

The city council will take up the vote Tuesday night.

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