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Forney ISD Dress Code Changes Spark Discussion

Forney ISD is making what it calls 'Back for the Future' changes to its dress code

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Social media feeds in Forney are buzzing this summer about changes for the next school year.

The discussion is all about the Forney Independent School District making changes to its dress code.

"I may be a little young to understand what professionalism means right now," a girl is heard saying in a video produced by Forney ISD, one in a series of videos to be released this summer to explain changes to the dress code.

The most significant changes include no hoodies -- or any clothing with hoods inside the buildings; -- and dresses, skirts and skorts are allowed only through fourth grade. The school district calls the plan "Back for the Future."

"There are so many important future workforce skills that we want to impart in our kids," Superintendent Justin Terry said in the video. "To reset the bar with you for our parents, with our community members, with all of our business partners as we work to take our schools, our classrooms 'Back for the Future' of our kids."

What to wear for school next year is the talk of summer vacation on social media.

"They think it's an outrage," incoming freshman Emma Devore said of the talk among her friends. "They hate it. They go on and on about how we should be able to express ourselves with what wear...the hoodies are a big deal."

"I think taking the hoodies away is a little too much," said Emma's mother, Wendy Devore. "I do like that they do have a dress code."

Devore said it makes it easy to shop for back to school, and helps even the socio-economic playing field between students.

There is an online petition to "fight unreasonable dress codes" that, as of Thursday evening, had more than 3.400 signatures.

Read the full Forney ISD dress code below or click here to open it in a new window.

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