Food Sensitivities Versus Food Allergies

Food allergies are one thing and they're easy to recognize. They often bring on hives, facial swelling and in serious cases, anaphylactic shock.

But what about food sensitivities? They're not as serious, but doctors say they can do a number on your health.

Food sensitivity tests on the market claim to pinpoint what foods you should and shouldn't eat to avoid uncomfortable symptoms

"You'll get joint inflammation, brain fog, you can also get bloating, indigestion. Allergies can be worsened," said Plano-based family physician and skincare specialist Dr. Fiona Wright.

Dr. Wright started offering the tests after she was launched in her own quest for answers.

Like many of her patients, she says she often felt brain fog, fatigue and bloated even though she maintained a healthy lifestyle.

She took a food sensitivity test and found her body reacts to spinach and tomatoes with a slight immune system response. 

"If there is too much inflammation because you've had too much of these irritating things, then it can then take a stomach which is nicely coated and lined, and create tears.  These foods will then get through those tears, get into the bloodstream and then your body will really see it as an enemy," said Dr. Wright.

Foods that your body might be sensitive to could range from pasta and potatoes to peppers and berries.

Still, some critics say the science behind the tests is shaky.

They cost hundreds of dollars and aren't covered by insurance.

There are some direct to consumer kits available online, but some experts say the best way to find out you're sensitive to food is eliminating that food from your diet and re-introducing it to see how your body reacts.

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