Flower Mound Firefighters Warn of Wildfire Hazards

Flower Mound firefighters went door-to-door Monday morning in the Franklin Hills subdivision because the area has been identified as an extreme risk for wildfires.

Flower Mound Emergency Management, Denton County and the Texas Fire Service discovered the risk during a wildfire protection plan.

On Monday, firefighters handed out literature aimed at keeping the homes and property of residents safe.

Emergency Management Specialist Brandon Barth explained the extreme conditions.

“It was flooding earlier this year. Spring and early summer we had a lot of rain. Vegetation grew abundantly. Now 38-plus days without rain and everything is drying out. A lot of the vegetation is about to die, so we have a heavy fuel load in the area,” Barth said.

He is advising residents clean all debris around their homes, as well as clear the gutters. He said grass should be cut to eight inches or less, and there should always be room for firefighters to get in if need be.

“Wildfire affects a lot of areas and it can happen very quickly, and be catastrophic to multiple homes at once,” he added.

Betsy Johns lives in the Franklin Hills neighborhood. She said just a few months ago they were dealing with copperhead snakes and water moccasins after flooding, but now they are in a high-risk area for wildfires. They clear all debris and make sure to take care of vegetation.

“We have really tried to be aware. We have decking that is Trex, which is a non-wood substance. Like I said water regularly,” said Johns. “In Texas, we are always looking for rain."

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